Travel green and feel cosy in Vida Verde

Tourism is one of the most exciting things in the world, nevertheless, it's also responsible for many damages to Mother Nature all over the planet.

We try to live a sustainable and healthy life, preserving Costa Rica's wonderful nature and wildlife. Our impact on the surrounding environment is minimized as much as possible and we invite travelers to live the experience the same way.

Eco-friendly & Fair Trade project

  • Our well is our only water resource, water is pure. 
  • 98% of our waste water is recycled for garden watering, thanks to our successful crowdfunding project "Agua es Vida",
  • We chose to build with Canadian Steel Framing. It's 100% recyclable and it contains more than 40% of recycled steel. It uses less water than a regular construction, produces less waste and garbage. It's faster to build and energy efficient. In a nutshell, it's durable and very well adapted to the local environment.
  • We recycled glass and shells to add to the concrete floors and some shower walls.
  • The bathroom sinks are crafted in eco-cement by a local French Artisan.
  • All the wooden furniture has been custom-made for Vida Verde with local Melina wood.
  • Most of the decoration is locally crafted by some very talented local artists who were kind enough to expose in our bungalows. During some of our previous trips, we have been frustrated to find some beautiful pieces of art and not being able to buy them. Therefore, we made a non-profit project called "If you Love Me, Take me Home": we say "Boutique Cabinas" as the decoration is for sale. The best way we found to support local art and make our guests happy to take the items they love home as souvenirs from Costa Rica.
  • The garden is made of cuttings and lots of energy.